Execution and supply of insulation works:

We carry out all chemical insulation works, including surface insulation, water tanks and separation of walls.

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Installation of metal scaffolding:

We have sufficient capacity for installation of external scaffolding and metal scaffolds. We also carry out work…

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Maintenance, cleaning and operation:

We carry out repairing or replacing the work of interior and exterior finishes. We also provide employment …

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Welding and paint works:

We work on welding works and all metalwork works in industrial installations & production lines. We also paint…

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We work on the preparation of work sites and remove obstacles, and then start the landfill under the conditions of safety.

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Electrical work:

We carry out all civil works related to electrical networks. We are working on the extension of the cables

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Welcome To Mawazen

Mawazen Al Khaleej General Contracting Est. Is a Saudi company that started in Riyadh city since 2004 and specialized in the execution and supply of metal scaffolding, maintenance, cleaning and operation, welding and painting works in industrial installations, reclamation, transport, electrical works and other related services.

Our Value

We hold in our organization a set of core values ​​that we derive from the principles we have developed under the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The values ​​of the Mawazen Gulf Foundation are reflected in:

  • Quality and mastery.
  • Honesty and sincerity.
  • Commitment and responsibility.
  • Mutual respect.
  • Integrity and transparency.
  • Honest competition.

Our Client